Paul Adams

Maker + Technologist + China Veteran
Senior Design Technologist, frog design

William Bao Bean

Investment Partner
General Partner, SOSVentures

Oriol Bes

Food technology + Startups in Spain
Startups & Entrepreneurship Manager, Reimagine Food

Richard Brubaker

Social Responsibility + Leadership
Managing Director, Collective Responsibility

Kevin Chan

Snack Addict
Investment Director

Daphne Cheng

Expert in Plant-Based Gastronomy
Executive Chef, Ladybird & Mother of Pearl

Jackson Cheng

Cocktail Bar and Cafe Entrepreneur
Co-founder, Flask / Botanist / The Bunker
Founder, Fumi

David Chen

Angel Investor
Co-Founder, Angelvest

Edward Chen

Serial Entrepreneur
CMO, 宅米

Lily Chow

Chinese Food Storyteller
Managing Editor, The Cleaver Quarterly

Caesar Chung

UX Strategist
Partner, beBit

Nitin Dani

Director, Green Initiatives

Steven Dring

Urban Farming Entrepreneur
Co-founder, Growing Underground

Federico Duarte

Chef + Food Entrepreneur
Founder & Head of Business Design, Mill-Food Intelligence

Adrian Fang

Serial Entrepreneur
Co-founder & CEO, FreshFresh

Eliot Gattegno

Serial Entrepreneur
Adjunct Associate Professor, NYU Shanghai

Dr. Thomas George

Formerly NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory MEMS/Nanotechnology/Sensing Expert
Co-founder & CEO, SaraniaSat Inc.

Jin Ge

Writer Entrepreneur
CEO, S.Lab

Camden Hauge

Food Nerd
Founder, EGG breakfast + bakery / Shanghai Supperclub

Simon Herzog

Service & Business Designer
Strategic Manager, CIID Nest Incubator

William Hoang

Technical Product Specialist
Partner Engineer, Couchbase

Chiao Wei Ho

Digital Artist + Interaction Designer
Founder, Digital Medicine Lab

Erica Huang

Food Revolution Ambassador + Farmers Market Organizer
Founder, Farm to Neighbors

Alvin Jiang

IOT Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO, Gululu

Yanli Kang

Organic Brand Designer
Marketing Manager, Hona

Ian Lahiffe

Agritech Innovation
China Agribusiness Consultant, Alltech / Allflex / Keenan/ Haier

Kevin Lau

Foodie + Maker
Founder, NonSense Technology

O. F. Warren Law

Seasoned Merchant Banker
Managing Director, China OperVestors

Alvin Lee

Venture Partner
China Partner, 1823 Ventures

Lei Liang

F&B Researcher + Wine Lover
Coverage Banker, Rabobank

Eugene Lin

Business Designer
Managing Director, IDEO Shanghai

Kyle Lin

Digital Experience Observer
Senior Manager User Experience Design, Continuum

Paul Lin

Digital Marketing Consultant
Chief Strategy Officer, Possible China

Peter Liu

Unicorn Investor
Angel Investor, Independent

Shaowei Liu

Food Science + Safety + Standards
Professor, East China University of Science & Technology

William Liu

Digital Strategy & Traceability Expert
Co-founder, SF Technology

Xue Liu

Ag Technology + Circular Ag
Associate Professor, China Agricultural University

Siddhartha Lizcano

Experience Design Doctor
Creative Director, Independent

Chi Huang Lu

Designer + Teacher + Foodie
Founder, Project A1

Wilson Lu

Senior Attorney + Angel Investor
Partner, Jurisino Law Group

Wes Melville

Food Sustainability Writing and Consulting
Blogger, Thyme Fries

Marie-Pierre Membrives

Food Service Innovation
Founder, TASTEBUDS Consulting

Scott Norton

Forbes "30 under 30"
Co-Founder, Sir Kensington's

Pei Yeing Ong

Impact investing + Venture capital
Senior Director, UOB Venture Management

Toby Overmaat

Genetics x Nutrition Entrepreneur
CEO & Co-founder, Zhihui

Ding Hao Pan

Organic Soil Expert
Founder, Panda Brew

Charlotte Pedersen

Expert in Higher Education in Hospitality & Culinary Studies
GM & Dean, CICAS

Nick Rousseau

Insect Protein + Innovation Alliances
MD, Woven Network
CEO, Unconventional Connections

Michael Sherretz

Craft Brewing & Distilling Trainer
Founder, My Home Brew Store

Shangbai Shi

Former UNFAO Agricultural Development Expert
Senior Technical Director, Rare

Hammans Stallings

Food FOMO + LoSoMo + o2o
Principal Strategist, frog design

Anmao Sun

Food Entrepreneur
Co-founder, Hunter Gatherer

Brian Tan

F&B Consultant
Founder, House of Flour

Christopher Tan

Tech Entrepreneur + Investor
Vice President & GM, Leap Motion (China)

Keith Tan

The Designer
Design Lead, IDEO

Rob Trice

Agtech + Venture Capital
Founder, Mixing Bowl & Better Food Ventures

Matthew Waldman

Innovation and Branding Expert
Founder, NOOKA

Cindy Wang

Food Media Guru
Founder, Sugared & Spiced

Hailei Wang

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder, Augmn

Jia Wen

Food Reporter

Ernest Wong

Serial entrepreneur + Executive recruitment 
Managing director, WilliamSELECT 

Jimmy Yang

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder, DIG Vision

Mike Yang

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO, NeoNan

Fred Young

Founder, Rainbow of Hope

Kevin Yu

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder, SideChef

Helen Zhao

Insight and Innovation Consultant, Independent

Bob Zheng

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO, People Squared

Lily Zhuo

A Creative Lawyer
Partner, Private Family Office




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