What problems do we solve?

We invest in people.

The entrepreneurs who combine purpose and profit to build startups that enable sustainable food systems.

We invest in technology.

The advancement and implementation of technology that transforms industries and shapes human behaviors.





What problems do we solve?

The future of good food is a sustainable food system that simultaneously solves food access, food safety, food nutrition, and food mindfulness.


Software Hardware


Are you the right startup?

We seek software, hardware, biotech, and CPG brand startups across the supply chain: agriculture, production, distribution & retail, learning & sharing.

We are an accelerator venture capital platform

Accelerator Program

Everything you need to thrive.

  • Community
  • Capital (¥)
  • Coaching

Venture Capital Fund

Food focused to win.

  • Capital (¥¥)
  • Program follow-on investment
  • Direct early-stage investment

You have the bits and bites
that matter.

We’re more than a VC.
Learn more about our philosophy,here.

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